Quaint living room in Maniatoba with luxury vinyl plank floors.

Cork vs. Luxury Vinyl Flooring: A Comprehensive Comparison

At Image Flooring, we understand that choosing the right flooring for your home is a crucial decision. Flooring not only affects the aesthetics of your space but also plays a significant role in its functionality and comfort. Two popular options that often come up in our conversations with customers are

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Cute fall dining room with hardwood flooring

Fall Floor Care with Image Flooring, Winnipeg

Winnipeg, the gateway to the west, dons a mesmerizing attire as fall descends upon the Canadian heartland. While we revel in the splendor of gold and crimson foliage, the shift in season beckons a change in how we care for the floors beneath our feet. Having served Winnipeg for years,

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Beautiful modern white kitchen, with luxury vinyl flooring.

The Impact of Flooring on Home Value: Investing in the Future

Welcome to Image Flooring’s comprehensive guide on how flooring choices can have a significant impact on your home’s value. When it comes to increasing the appeal and worth of your property, selecting the right flooring materials is a crucial factor. Not only does the right flooring enhance the aesthetic appeal

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Cute little girl laying on soft plush carpet

Carpet vs. Hardwood: Choosing the Ideal Flooring for Your Family

Welcome to Image Flooring’s in-depth comparison of carpet and hardwood flooring. Selecting the right flooring for your family is an essential decision that will impact your home’s aesthetics, comfort, and functionality. Both carpet and hardwood have unique advantages, and understanding their differences will help you make an informed choice that

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Beautiful open bathroom with large counter, bathtub and a beautiful luxury vinyl floor.

How to Maintain and Prolong the Lifespan of Your Flooring

Welcome to Image Flooring’s comprehensive guide on how to effectively maintain and extend the life of your flooring. Your floors are a significant investment, enhancing the beauty and functionality of your home. Proper care and maintenance will not only keep your floors looking pristine but also help them withstand the

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Beautiful modern kitchen with a mint green island on stunning luxury vinyl floors.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Flooring for Your Home

Welcome to Image Flooring’s ultimate guide to selecting the perfect flooring for your home! As your trusted flooring experts in Winnipeg, MB, we understand that choosing the right flooring can be a daunting task. With so many materials, styles, and considerations to keep in mind, we’re here to simplify the

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Benefits of Luxury Vinyl in Winnipeg, MB

Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Winnipeg, MB

Welcome to Image Flooring, your go-to flooring store in Winnipeg, MB. We’re here to talk to you today about luxury vinyl plank flooring and why it’s a great choice for homes in the Winnipeg, MB area. Luxury vinyl plank flooring is a high-quality flooring option that is perfect for homeowners

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How to Keep Your Rental Floors in Good Condition in Winnipeg, MB

Rental properties can be a great investment, but they come with their own unique set of challenges. One of the biggest issues is keeping the flooring in good condition. Flooring can be expensive to replace, so it’s important to take steps to extend its life as much as possible. Here

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Luxury Vinyl Flooring, Winnipeg, MB

The Best Floor for Canadian Winters in Winnipeg, MB

When it comes to choosing the best flooring for a home in Winnipeg, Manitoba, there are a few key factors to consider. One of the most important is how well the flooring will hold up in the harsh Canadian winter. Winnipeg is known for its cold, snowy winters, which can

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Should I Be Using Click-Lock Or Glue Down Vinyl Flooring?

  Vinyl floors continue to be one of the most sought-after flooring materials on the market today. Many homeowners prefer vinyl over other choices because you get the look of natural hardwood at a fraction of the cost. Not only is vinyl flooring priced better than wood floors, but it

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