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Luxury vinyl tile is a modern flooring solution that is highly sought after and easy on the budget. While highly popular some may be thinking, but wait what is it? Our highly trained experts at Image Flooring in Winnipeg can tell you all about luxury vinyl tile. Luxury vinyl tile is a beautiful floor that mimics the look of wood or stone. Luxury vinyl tile comes in pieces that come together much like tile would throughout a home. Though luxury vinyl tile is easy on the budget it does not lack in elegance and appeal and can add immense value to your home.

Luxury vinyl tile is a resilient floor that can be installed in high and low traffic areas alike. Luxury vinyl tile comes with a top layer that assists it in being resistant to tough wear and tear. For this reason, scratching and scuffing are not easily done to luxury vinyl tile. This durability makes luxury vinyl tile an easy choice among homeowners who have heavy traffic throughout their home on a regular basis. This is also a wonderful choice for people who have children and pets. Durability is a high priority when it comes to home floors as you want a floor that will last and last.

Accidents are bound to happen from time to time. The beauty of luxury vinyl tile is that in the event of an accident you can simply replace the affected tile and not have to worry about unsightly patch jobs or replacing the entire floor. Installation is also a key component to consider when selecting new floors. Installation of luxury vinyl tile consists of locking the tiles into place with a “click-lock” feature that is unique to luxury vinyl tile. This feature allows the tiles to be laid without glue or nails and keeps installation simple and quick.

Image Flooring, Winnipeg, MB knows that one of the most important factors to consider for homeowners is aesthetics. Luxury vinyl tile is one of the most aesthetically pleasing flooring options on the market to date. The stunning appeal of luxury vinyl flooring added to the versatility, function and price makes vinyl floors a top pick amongst many consumers today. Luxury vinyl tile comes in an incredible assortment of finishes and colors and can be installed in a variety of patterns. This offers a flexibility of style that is sure to suit any home and compliment nearly any décor style there is.

With so many phenomenal characteristics its no wonder luxury vinyl tile is a leading flooring option. Luxury vinyl tile is top-rate and budget conscious. You can have the stunning look of hardwood floors for a fraction of the cost with luxury vinyl tile, and only the trained professional will be able to easily spot the difference. When taking into consideration cost time, durability and longevity luxury vinyl tile is a more than worthwhile investment for your home. Our extraordinary staff at Image Flooring in Winnipeg, MB can provide with our expansive knowledge and educate you on the ins and outs of luxury vinyl tile. We would love to help you consider the best floors for your home floor renovation.

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