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Choosing the right floor to outfit your home, comes with a variety of choices, Image Flooring in Winnipeg, MB is here to help. Taking into consideration things such as foot traffic in the area, color scheme, décor, and durability are all top of mind as you begin to embark upon the journey of flooring renovation. A classic choice that works well throughout the home in many areas is carpet. Carpet within the home brings a softness to the room. Nothing says cozy and warm like the soft feel of carpet underfoot. Carpet is an incredible choice especially within the bedrooms of your home. The modern-day varieties of carpet allow for any styling and décor choices within your home.

Carpet is a versatile flooring option. The array of colors and patterns is near endless, and there are a variety of wonderful textures to choose from as well. Selecting a carpet to compliment the aesthetic in your home is done with ease because the variety is so vast. Many homeowners opt for carpet because they want to create an ambiance of warmth and an element of softness within their home. This is easily done with carpet and warmth is especially enticing here in Winnipeg. Another fabulous feature of carpet is the softness you feel beneath your feet as you walk on it.

If you are considering placing carpet in high traffic areas, it would be wise to investigate synthetic low pile options as they offer stain resistance and durability. Nylon carpet is a great choice for high traffic areas as it is durable, resistant to wear and stains, and affords many styling options within your home. For lower traffic areas a high-pile natural fiber carpet is a great option. These types of carpet are lavish and add elegance and drama to your home. Both selections offer many benefits that are attractive to homeowners.

There are several other fantastic reasons to make carpet the flooring selection of choice in your home. The safety of carpet is something that cannot be overlooked, having carpet throughout your home makes it less likely for a fall to occur as the surface isn’t slick like some harder surfaces. Warmth and insulation are also high on the list of appeal, especially if you live in a cold climate carpeted rooms are a must have for those long winter nights. Sound reduction is another great reason to have a carpeted interior in your home, carpet reduces the sound within a room and dampens the noise of footfalls. This is an especially great feature if you live in an apartment or condo and have neighbors above or below you.

At Image Flooring, Winnipeg, MB our knowledgeable staff is here to share our expertise of carpet and assist you in the selection of a wonderful carpet that meets your needs. We can guide you through our immense selection of carpeting. You will feel empowered in selecting an appropriate style, color and fabrication that will appeal to your eyes, will have the right function for your particular needs and will work with your budget. We are proud to provide you with excellence of service and quality of carpet.

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