Working from home is becoming more and more mainstream in many industries. Having floors in your home office that are functional and durable is a great idea, to keep your home office looking fresh. Having a stylish home office will help you to have a visually appealing place to spend your time and will ensure that your workday flows smoothly. Keeping in mind your aesthetic goals for the space as well as the functional aspects of flooring, and your budget will help you pick the perfect flooring for your Winnipeg home office.

Spectacular Luxury Vinyl

Luxury vinyl is a great option for a home office. Luxury vinyl is a durable flooring material that is available in the look of hardwood and tile. You have many different styles and colors to choose from. Luxury vinyl can stand up to heavy traffic and is resistant to scratches and is also water resistant. That water resistance means you don’t have to fret if you spill your coffee, simply wipe it up and you are good to go! Luxury vinyl is also comfortable underfoot and maintains a warmth underfoot all year round. Not only does luxury vinyl offer all of these excellent features, but it is also a very affordable option.

Impeccable Hardwood

Hardwood floor is the classic, timeless floor that stands through the ages. If you already have hardwood throughout your home, you may want to consider hardwood floors for your home office as well. Hardwood floors are timeless and beautiful. They are durable, though not as durable as some other options, however wood floors have the unique ability to be able to be sanded down and resurfaced from time to time. This alone makes them a worthy investment. Hardwood flooring is does not feel as comfortable as luxury vinyl, but you can improve the feel with area rugs and a good underlayment. Overall wood floors are a classic and cannot be discounted as a winner when it comes to your Winnipeg home office.

Velvety Carpet

Carpet offers a touch of comfort and luxurious softness underfoot. Having carpet throughout your home office will bring a homey and comforting feeling within the space. Not only does carpet bring added warm it can also add a pop of color! If you work from a standing desk and find yourself on your feet throughout the day, carpet may be an excellent choice so that you are not standing on a hard surface all the time. Carpet naturally provides insulation to the space and can dampen sounds so that the room is quieter during meetings. If installing carpet in your Manitoba home office, you may want to consider a lower profile variety as it will make sitting in and sliding your desk chair around a bit more easy.

Easy To Care For Tile

Tile is one of the lowest maintenance flooring materials. Tiles are durable, waterproof and are nearly indestructible. Tile can withstand the demands of daily wear and tear, spills, and splatters. It can also hold up under the weight of your desk and rolling chair. Tile comes in one of the vastest arrays of colors, patterns and styles you can find in the flooring world making it a fun way to add big style to your home office. Tile is an excellent choice for your home office needs.


All in all, there are many excellent choices out there when it comes to home office floor installation. You are sure to find something that meats your style, traffic needs and budget. Finding the right one for you is a piece of cake if you consider the characteristics we discussed throughout this article. There is sure to be one that resonates with you more than another. You can have a beautiful home office and it all starts with your floors.